Chinese Zodiac Dog


Occupying the 11th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dog symbolizes character traits such as loyalty, compatibility and kindness. Dogs frequently offer kind words and useful advice, always listening and lending a shoulder when necessary. Dogs often become deeply involved in others’ lives and are sometimes perceived as nosy. Ensuring others are happy is more important to the Dog than wealth, money or success.

Dogs are determined individuals; always wanting to master a new subject before moving on and always finishing what they start. Dogs value friendships; they’re loyal, honest, trustworthy and reliable and have strong morals and ethics.

A well-kept, organized home is very important. Keeping a clean home and helping at work stems from the Dog’s need to be active and involved. Dogs spend money wisely, passing on luxury goods in favor of practical items. Dogs also prefer saving money to cover future expenses.

Dogs at times can also be temperamental, narrow-minded and stubborn. When this happens, the Dog takes off alone in order to make things right again inside its head. Dogs can benefit by learning to relax and being more rational.


A happy Dog is a healthy Dog and it’s easy to tell by the Dog’s sad or depressed appearance that it’s not feeling right. Dogs are resilient, especially when fighting illness.


Although Dogs are trustworthy, they have trouble trusting others. It can take a long time before a Dog feels at ease with another person. When Dogs don’t build trust they’re judgmental and rough towards others.

When it comes to romance Dogs often have a tough time. Others are often scared off by the Dog’s insecure, worrisome and frequently anxious nature. Dogs are known to be cold emotionally and critical.


Coworkers can always count on Dogs to help out, especially if it means the Dog will learn something new or alleviate the workload of others. Dogs are seen as valuable employees. Good career choices for Dogs include: police officer, scientist, counselor, interior designer, professor, politician, priest, nurse, clerk and Judge.

Dogs and the 5 elements

Metal Dogs – Years 1910 and 1970

Metal dogs are very committed in all they do whether it involves work or relationships. Expectations are high, both for themselves and others.

Water Dogs – Years 1922 and 1982

Less independent, Water Dogs become more self-confident when they’re part of the pack. They prefer being in the pack rather than being the pack’s leader. They’re faithful, affectionate, flexible and relaxed.

Wood Dogs – Years 1934 and 1994

Wood Dogs also prefer being part of the pack as this environment builds self-confidence. Although timid in the beginning, Wood Dogs eventually can become excellent companions. They’re easy-going and adaptable, warm-hearted faithful.

Fire Dogs – Years 1946 and 2006

Fire Dogs are true leaders. Others enjoy being in the company of Fire Dogs. They’re sexually attractive, charismatic, vibrant and confident and they always prefer to be on the go.

Earth Dogs – Years 1958 and 2018

Trustworthiness and dependability make Earth Dogs great leaders. Grounded in reality, their sense of fairness enables Earth Dogs to be supportive of others. They are confident and inspire confidence in others.


The Dog is most compatible with the Horse or Tiger and incompatible with the Rooster and Dragon.